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How to Encourage Healthy Eating

How to Encourage Healthy Eating

Nobody can deny that at some point in your life you have been a picky eater. What if senior citizens do that always? Are you ready to assist them? The care professionals at an assisted living in Rocky, Maryland are willing to do it. You get guaranteed quality care from their team.

Encouraging senior patients to do healthy eating is not a simple task. You can trust that senior care in Maryland will do everything to achieve this. You will also get insights on how to do it next time. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Minimize the use of salt
    You should use an alternative condiment for salt. That way, you avoid hypertensive older adults getting symptoms of high blood pressure. It is also best to avoid processed food.
  • Plan your dishes weekly
    You let the patient decide what they eat for the week. It would encourage them to eat healthy when you explain to them what is a good or bad thing to eat.
  • Season dishes with herbs and spices
    You will know how to get the vitamins and minerals lacking from the senior care diet with spices and herbs. Working with a nutritionist and a chef will enhance the dining experience, too.

Respite care is one of the many services offered by the Assisted Living of Rockville. The carer can also do the job of encouraging healthy eating habits for your senior loved ones. Send us a message.

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