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Myths About Assisted Living That You Should Avoid


Are you or a loved one contemplating a move to an assisted living facility? Do some quick research if you are. There are numerous fallacies about assisted living in Rockville, Maryland that continue to circulate and may alarm you or a loved one. Here are some common assisted living fallacies and the truth:

  • Fallacy #1: I’ll Lose My Independence
    You can decorate your home whenever you want, eat whenever you want, pursue activities that interest you, and even visit friends and family. In reality, assisted living places are designed to help you maintain as much independence as possible.
  • Fallacy #2: There’s No Privacy
    Most assisted living communities provide a variety of apartment floor plans that can be equipped and decorated however you see fit. Furthermore, visitors will only come when you want them to, and staff will only enter your apartment with your permission.
  • Fallacy #3: I Have to be Sick or Disabled
    Yes, licensed nurses are on staff, but assisted communities are for seniors who are self-sufficient and require little care. If you ever need more advanced care, you’ll work with your community to have it.
  • Fallacy #4: Assisted Living is Boring
    High-quality senior living homes, such as Assisted Living of Rockville, are committed to providing their residents with a fresh perspective on senior living, which includes several possibilities to spend free time and pursue new and old interests.

Our goal is to make this transition as easy as possible for our residents while still providing the best senior care in Maryland. We provide numerous opportunities to enjoy our beautiful home, ranging from community outings to scheduled transportation for when you wish to attend a special event.

Are you on the verge of caregiver burnout? We also offer respite care.

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