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Signs That Indicate a Need for Assisted Living

Signs That Indicate a Need for Assisted Living

When an aging parent or family member lives independently, it is normal for their loved ones to be concerned for their health and safety. While your loved one may be capable of living on their own today, there will come a time when they require additional help to maintain their health and high quality of living.

As a trusted provider of senior care in Maryland, we will discuss the signs that indicate it’s time to discuss assisted living:

  • Worsening Health Problems

    Chronic health conditions tend to worsen with age as the immune system weakens. This can cause seniors to get sick more frequently and stay sick longer. If your loved one is having difficulty managing his/her condition, they may require 24-hour care that a facility can provide.

  • Recent Falls

    A bad fall can be devastating for seniors as it can cause injuries and mobility problems that will affect their day-to-day activities. If your loved one had a bad fall recently, you may want to consider assisted living. As the name suggests, assisted living includes services like mobility assistance to ensure safety.

  • Caregiver Burnout

    Common signs of caregiver burnout include feelings of hopelessness, social withdrawal, and fatigue. If taking care of an elderly loved one is becoming too much to handle as a family, consider assisted living. A facility can provide respite care to help look after your loved one.

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