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Tips to Help Ease the Transition to Assisted Living

Tips to Help Ease the Transition to Assisted Living

When your family has decided it’s time for assisted living, it will take time for everyone involved to adjust. After all, assisted living is a big move that requires making changes to one’s routine. Hence, it can be especially overwhelming for an elderly loved one.

As a provider of senior care in Maryland, we have prepared a few tips to help your senior loved one adjust to assisted living:

  • Talk about the transition early.

    Once it’s decided which facility your loved one will be staying at, talk about the transition as early as possible. This is a good opportunity to discuss your loved one’s concerns and highlight the benefits of assisted living, such as gaining access to services like personal care and respite care.

  • Decorate your loved one’s space.

    Help your loved one pack a few belongings that they would like to bring. This may include framed photographs or artwork they would like hung on the walls. You can also bring some small decorative touches that can add a bit more personality to the room to truly make the space their own.

  • Stay in touch.

    To help your loved one adjust, be sure to stay in touch as much as possible. It also helps to schedule visits with the family to make your loved one feel they are not alone during this transition. This will make it easier for them to get used to their new environment while maintaining their relationships.

Assisted Living of Rockville is an established provider of assisted living in Rockville, Maryland. To help our residents adjust to assisted living, we offer high-quality amenities and exceptional services to meet their needs. Contact us for more information about our rates and facility.

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