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The Root Causes of Caregiver Burnout

the-root-causes-of-caregiver-burnoutCaregiver burnout is becoming more common, with around 43.5 million people providing unpaid care in the last 12 months. Caring for a loved one may be a demanding and time-consuming experience with little to no break. If you or someone you care about is a caregiver, it is vital to assess their mental and physical well-being. Make sure you understand when it’s time to seek assistance or respite care. The causes of caregiver burnout are described in greater detail further below.

  • Conflicting Roles
    Whether you’ve been thrown into the role of caregiver for a partner who was always your equal or an aging parent, it can cause internal conflict. Transitioning from decision-maker to caregiver can elicit feelings of dissatisfaction, grief, or helplessness.
  • Unrealistic Expectations
    Some caregivers believe their efforts and actions will benefit their loved one’s health or mood. However, they become disappointed when they learn that their role may not result in a favorable improvement for their loved ones.
  • Priorities are Out of Whack
    Many caregivers lose their balance while taking on care, failing to consider what is reasonable given their lifestyle. There is no balance when a person takes on the caregiver position and gives up all other “roles” in their life. Alternatively, many caregivers believe they can accomplish it while maintaining their professions and personal life— which isn’t always the case.

Caregiving is a challenging and emotionally complex task that many people take on without the necessary resources to guarantee their health does not suffer. Remember that Assisted Living of Rockville, your trusted provider of assisted living in Rockville, Maryland, is here to support you and your loved ones.

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